Video Content. Better. Faster.

Grow your presence and engage followers with authentic corporate videos.
Get the tools to empower, manage and analyse more video content.

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Authentic Videos Is Your Competitive Advantage

To strenghten company loyalty and awareness, both inside and outside your organisation, you need to capture the many stories within your organisation on video.

With a wide selection of easy-to-use templates and features, you'll be spitting out authentic videos in seconds and growing your follower base. Unlock the brand value in every employee and make it as simple as pie for them to create more video content, for you to share.

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Manage, Review & Approve Your Employees Videos

With a simplified overview and search functions, we've made it easy for you to review and approve your employees videos on the fly.

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Empower Employees To Tell Amazing Stories

Simply instruct your employees to download the app and use a template of your choosing. Each template will guide the user through the recording, step by step.

Customise your storytelling, with custom templates or explicitly written storyboards.

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Coherent Videos!
Always On Brand!

We can help you add a customised theme, consisting of a uniqly composed music track, an intro and an outro, ensuring a coherent brand every time. Automatic!

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Let's Make It Simple...


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

We offer a free 2 week trial, with everything included. If you wish to continue after 2 weeks, simply start your subscription and you're good to go.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and payment solutions. For larger clients, we also offer customised invoices.

Is there a video limit?

Every account has a video limit of a 1000 videos, total. Each additional video will add $1/m fee.

Do you have a contract?

We are able to create a contract, tailored to your concerns. Call us for more details.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Our app is part of a continuous delivery, to give you the latest, the fastest. Therefore, you'll see this app updated regularly for your convenience, so you can focus on bringing home the perfect story, while we work on the perfect video-brand creator.

* Works on the latest iOS and Android.


Let your next hire, engage you with an amazing video CV. Get the tools to request, manage and analyse video applicants.

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Let your customers engage you with amazing video content. Get the tools to empower and assist customers in video recording.

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Engage your followers on social media with authentic and coherent videos.
Get the tools to share, monetize, analyse and grow your personal brand.

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